If you own a dog or a cat, or any other animal as a pet for that matter, you have probably already realized that the vast majority of animals are actually really afraid of vacuums. They may go running away into another room to hide as soon as you pull out the vacuum from the closet, plug it in, or give any other signs that you are about to use it. Or they may run off as soon as you turn it on or enter the room with it already running.

But why are animals so afraid of vacuums anyway? What is it about the best vacuum that is so terrifying to most pets? For the answers, continue reading below.

It is Unlike Any Other Animal

Animals use their instincts to determine what is safe and what is potentially harmful. A shark vacuum is unlike any other object or animal that they have ever encountered, and it is not like anything they would experience in the wild. Therefore, they are not genetically wired to know that a vacuum is safe. Instead, they see this massive object as a loud monster that is sucking up things from the floor and could potentially hurt them as well.

They Were Never Exposed to a Vacuum When They Were Young

Once again, fear is induced in animals when they have never been exposed to something and have not been able to determine if it is safe or not. If your animal was exposed to vacuums from a young age, on the other hand, he or she may be more calm and relaxed around them.

Animals May Be Inherently Fearful

Every pet has his or her own unique personality. While some animals are very sociable, for example, others are very shy. And while some are brave and curious and would not think twice about approaching a vacuum that is currently in use, others are afraid of new experiences and objects that they are not already familiar with. If you have a generally skittish pet, expect that he or she will also be fearful of your vacuum cleaner, so take steps to reassure him or her and only use your vacuum when he or she is not in the same room.

Vacuums are Too Loud

Animals’ ears and sense of hearing are much more sensitive to loud noises than ours are. Therefore, when you turn on a very loud vacuum, it is unnerving to your pets, who want to run away in order to retreat to a quiet place where their ears will not have to be bothered by the strange noise created by your vacuum.