Are you looking for a private loan?! 3 Things to Know

Loan between individuals, let’s find out together. In times of crisis like today, perhaps you too need a loan, but no bank or financial company gives you credit?

Have you thought about resorting to private loans? For sure if you need money urgently, you want your need to be met in a serious, fast, lawful way and why not? online, maybe you’re wondering:

Does the private loan have these characteristics?

The answer is Yes, private financing can also be requested online and if it has the characteristics we are talking about below you can consider it a serious, fast and lawful way to achieve your goal.

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Below we will see the fundamental characteristics of a contract between private individuals:

Loan between individuals: What is it?

Loan between individuals: What is it?

This type of contract is an alternative financing solution to those proposed by banks and financial companies.

When among private individuals one credits another, without the need for intermediaries, we are faced with one of the following options:

  • Loan peer-to-peer: are contracts that allow you to obtain the required liquidity through a social lending (see step 4)
  • Loans between family members

The fundamental characteristic of these loans is that they can be  requested and disbursed without the intermediation of a bank, they  are directly interested parties to manage everything, moreover you will almost certainly have the opportunity to  save on interest rates.

What are the actors involved:

  • The  lender : the one who makes the money available by paying interest
  • The  applicant : the one who requests the money
  • Social Lending platform: this figure appears only in peer-to-peer loans, and in simple words it is the “place” where those who offer money with those who request it find themselves.

Considering this, is it essential to understand if the Italian legislation regulates financing between private individuals? In point 2 you will find the answer.

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Loan Between Individuals: Is It Lawful?

Loan Between Individuals: Is It Lawful?

Maybe you are wondering: is the loan between individuals legal? This question is absolutely normal, and the answer is Yes.

The sure thing is that this method is the oldest, “always” friends and relatives as a demonstration of support and solidarity create such types of relationships.

However, there have been many cases in which the Revenue Agency or Securehold Bank has reported cases of tax evasion, or even despite the deep friendship or kinship relationships you have heard of serious problems between lender and applicant. What to do to be calm?

This being the case, if maybe you lend money or you are requesting it from a relative or friend, to stay calm and safe to do things honestly you have to formalize everything according to the law through a contract containing certain characteristics:

  • Name and surname of the person who requests the money and who lends it
  • The fee paid
  • The time, the duration established for the return
  • The purpose of funding
  • The type of contract
  • Interest- bearing: there are interests to be paid and in this case it must be specified
  • Non-interest bearing: there is no interest on the sum paid
  • The signatures of the subjects involved
  • Certain date provided through a special registration, sending a pec or a notary’s report.

These are the basic and fundamental elements of a contract that will make you feel peaceful.

Before getting the liquidity you need or lending it, remember that it will always be better to use payment tools such as check or bank transfer.

Loan between private individuals: the various types


You probably know you are reported to Crif and maybe you are also protested, you know that no bank will finance you.

You probably have a fixed-term contract or maybe you don’t even have a contract and therefore you are sure that your only solution is financing between private individuals.

There are various forms of credit, the most common and used are the following:

Private loan: all the characteristics of this contract are those listed in point 2

Loan with guarantee of promissory notes: in this type of financing it is essential to fill in the promissory notes in detail and affix the brand with the stamp on each one.

Online Social Lending : these companies bring together those who lend money with those who request it, are constantly supervised by the Securehold Bank. For this reason you can be sure that they will comply with the regulations for the following aspects:

Privacy: the names of the interested parties are reserved

Checks: a check is made on the reliability of the parts, both the lender and the applicant have in fact a personal profile and a level of reliability that are assigned to them.

All transactions are secure and documented with contracts and digital signatures

Customization: the parties can agree on the amount, installment, return time and interest.

Among the Social Lendig operating in Italy the best known and most reliable are Smartika returned to the market in 2012 and once known as Zopa and Prestiamoci active on the Italian market for 2 years.

Loan Search: Get It!

With the general picture of the situation it will be clear to you that the loan between private individuals is a simple and safe option, but probably you too, like many Italians, prefer direct, human contact.

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