Credit card with start credit : Apply for the best card!

The offer of credit card companies and financial institutions for credit cards in Germany is huge and every consumer can find the card that meets his requirements. The offer of a credit card with starting credit is particularly popular and interesting. In order to inform you optimally about this card, we have worked out a credit card comparison with our financial editors and experienced experts for a good overview. If you would also like to read more about the topic or are interested in specific aspects, you can find a comprehensive guide under the comparison. Find the best credit card with starting credit for you now and apply for it online!

The best credit card with starting credit at a glance

  • classic credit card
  • free of charge and with no annual fee
  • also available as prepaid card
  • different insurance included
  • Billing monthly or in installments
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide
  • start credits, Initial balance
  • Credit card with bonus possible
  • Apply online

Some providers offer a credit card with a starting credit, which also requires a current account to be opened, which in some cases is also awarded a bonus. But in the vast majority of offers of a credit card with a premium, the card only needs to be used once in order to benefit from a starting credit. But even under these offers, some providers grant a bonus again after six months if a certain sales limit has been exceeded. In these cases, no separate current account is required and the repayment amounts can be transferred from any other account. Many cards with starting credit are also equipped with a chip for contactless payment, whereby no signature or PIN is required for payments under 25 dollars.All of these criteria can be found quickly and easily in a clear credit card with a starting credit comparison.

Is there a free credit card with starting credit?

With a comparison, you have a larger selection at a glance when looking for a credit card with starting credit. The result lists also include providers of free credit cards with starting credit. In order to attract new customers, more and more credit and banking institutions come up with promotions that offer start-up credits from which consumers can benefit. With credit cards with starting credit, minimum sales are no longer required to grant credit, but often only the one-time use of the card.

The three most important criteria for a credit card with a starting credit

  • Available as a classic credit card or prepaid card
  • Start credit and additional bonuses when opening a current account
  • Credit cards with starting credit without annual fees

Apply for the best credit card with starting credit – how it works

credit card with starting credit - how it works

If you have found what you are looking for after the comparison, you can call up the application directly from the provider and enter your personal data. After the data has been transmitted online to the provider or bank, there are two options: Either you will receive a document to download immediately after the online application process or the provider will send you the documents by post or e-mail. If the application can be downloaded, a Post-Ident Coupon is enclosed. Now you have to print both, sign the application and go to the nearest post office with both the coupon and a copy of the application. Your identity will be determined there and the applicationwill be sent to the provider with the completed PostIdent coupon.After the application has been successfully checked, you will receive your credit card with starting credit in the mail,

The credit card with a start credit check – the following criteria are important

Anyone who has opted for a credit card with starting credit can have the first purchase paid for by the provider. Generally, there are two variants of a credit card with a starting credit that should be differentiated. Our credit card with credit check showed that some providers offer a classic credit card with credit and others a card in connection with a free checking account. Some of the direct banks listed in the comparison also grant a bonus bonus for the account. With regard to outstanding amounts after using the card, everyone can decide whether they want to pay the sales amount from their checking account or in installments at the end of the month. For some providers, the rate should be at least two percent of the total or at least 15 dollars.


Which variant of a credit card with starting credit someone applies for is up to everyone. But there are often very attractive starting credits in the combination of credit card with starting credit in addition to extra packages such as insurance, which you should definitely take.

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