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Choosing the right real estate site is not easy in the wide range of choices on the internet. You want to know your property by internet and do not know what criteria to put forward in your choice. This article brings you the elements of answers to choose the best site of advertisements real estate.

What are real estate sites

Annonces immobilières - définition

Real estate listings – definition

1. Definition

The real estate advertisements are descriptive diffused in order to make known to the public the real estates put on sale or in hiring. These are forms of real estate advertising.

2. A wide choice of services

Digital technology has enabled real estate applicants to benefit from a wide choice in terms of sites and services. With the growth in real estate demand in recent years, supply is not lacking. Indeed, millions of listings of rental and real estate sales every year are offered by a large number of sites. If some of them have become professionalized, the amateur sites are always accessible to all.


There are some real estate sites:

  • Leboncoin : one of the most influential with more than 26 134 883 real estate listings;
  • Logic immo : with over 1 012 943 real estate listings
  • SeLoger : with over 1,221,438 listings;
  • Homelidays : More than 33 032 ads;
  • Amivac : with 23 818 real estate listings;
  • Abritel, Topannonces ;

A panoply of real estate ad sites exists in France. Similarly, ads do not always find takers. The success of an ad, beyond the reputation of the site on which you publish it, depends on its attractiveness for the customer. Reason why, it is good to choose your ad site, write your ad and put in place a good advertising strategy.

3. Adopt a good strategy for advertising

It is clear that to engage in a movable sale, the investor must prepare and adopt the right methods. In the same way, to make known his good, use good strategies. Brag, value, do a market research, and challenge the competition in your approach. It is not the means used in itself that determines the sale of your property. It’s mostly about how you present and sell your produce.

II. Real estate announcements: criteria for positioning the site

Annonces immobilières - critères de positionnement

Real estate listings – positioning criteria

To make a good choice of sites of advertisement, it will be necessary to take into account these few criteria of positioning:

Criterion 1: The price

The price and cost of the announcement is one of the important criteria for investors. Know that the price on a site depends on the duration of your ad and the services offered. In addition, the services you offer, and your reputation as an advertiser, influence this price. It varies between 0 euros (Leboncoin, Domegos, etc.) and 240 euros (Homelidays …) per year depending on the sites. Again, it will take into account the visibility you want for your property.

Criterion 2: Number of competing ads

The number of ads on the site is an important criterion that must be kept. The most reliable sites drain the most affluence. Therefore, if you will see that the site publishes a lot of annual ads, it is because it is notorious. In other words, he records many visits. In this case, you will have more opportunity to be seen. On the other hand, it means that you will face great competition. Hence the emphasis on the quality of your ad.

In addition to the number, you must rate the ad volume and price ratio. The more competition there is on the site, the less you will pay.

Criterion 3: Awareness

The reputation of real estate sites is important for greater visibility of your ad. This lets you know which target customers your ad will attract to the chosen site (s). vacation). Alexa sites allows you to see the frequency of visits to the most popular sites for example.

Moreover, the more it is known, a real estate advertisements site can have a good positioning on the search engine. For example, it can be part of the first pages of research in France or abroad.

Criterion 4: Marketing Activity

The site you choose should have active marketing. Indeed, it should have newsletter services for customers, partnerships eventually. He must also set up email alerts for his visitors. Thus, if a person chooses a category in which your ad appears, it will be alerted of your ad

Criterion 5: Multi-lingual and network coverage

If you want to have an audience other than French, this is an important criterion. Moreover, it allows you to increase your clientele. The publication of your ad in French is a necessity to reach the French public. Services in other languages ​​would be interesting to boost your ad. In the same way, the multiplicity of the network (partners) of a site, would increase your visibility.

Criteria 6: Diversified Publications Support

Although the use of digital is the best known, sites can also use traditional means. For example, they would use their website, the paper format with flyers, magazines, videos, etc.

Criterion 7: Validity and guarantee of the site

There are paid sites, and free sites. Which means that depending on the site policy and the price paid, your ad will have the correct duration. Leboncoin, (free) publishes ads for two months, while other sites keep ads for a short time. Other providers still, to attract the most ads, keep ads for an indefinite period.

In addition, the service provider must be able to provide the visualization guarantee and the assistance needed to optimize your ad. While some engage strongly and are effective, this is not the case for others. Each provider generally agrees to provide you with all the support necessary to achieve your full satisfaction.

III. Real estate listings: The quality of the site

Annonces immobilières - qualités du site

Real estate listings – qualities of the site

The real estate listing site may have a good positioning but may have a lower quality. Therefore, before choosing a site, you must observe the quality of its service. Remember 7 important qualities for your choice:

Quality 1: Good visual clarity

When a visitor searches for an ad according to their expectations, it is essential that no advertisement hinders him. Indeed, some sites make excessive advertisements that have nothing in common with the ad. This can be very embarrassing and can even distract the buyer from the ad. The use of cookies and popup windows must be limited to facilitate the visit. Then the customer or tenant must easily be on the site. If he chooses a category, the tools should make his search easier. A good site has good ergonomics options, good visual clarity with less advertising.

Quality 2: A good management of favorites

The site will have a “favorites” option to select an ad that has caught its attention and will be directed later. Likewise, tools and social sharing links (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) must be available.

Quality 3: The simplicity of the procedure

As the owner and investor, the registration and publication process must be quick and easy. You do not need help. Likewise, it must be put online quickly. Instant messengers, follow-up visits, must also be available.

Quality 4: Individual ad referencing

Every advertisement on the site must have an individual referencing in the search engines, and not only that of the main pages of the site. Which means that your ad has a unique identifier that allows greater visibility on the web. In addition, a long-term advertisement increases the number of its clients.

Quality 5: Ad statistics available

The owner can also consult on line, and in his mailbox, the statistics related to his announcement. The more it is regular and accessible at any time, the better you will be informed of the status of your ad on the net. These statistics can be in the form of graphs, comparative figures, downloadable reports as needed.

Quality 6: Promotion system

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